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The Landreth Family

The story of Landreth Construction is deeply rooted in the passion and expertise of Paul and Regan Landreth. This dynamic couple embarked on their entrepreneurial journey in the summer of 2010 when they founded Landreth Construction. Prior to this venture, Paul had dedicated over a decade to honing his skills in the construction industry. His journey began in his teenage years, where he immersed himself in learning the ropes of the trade. Subsequently, Paul took on the role of managing another concrete contracting business, further enriching his understanding of the intricacies of the construction field.

Paul’s commitment to excellence and his accumulated knowledge positioned him as a well-respected industry expert in the Austin area. His dedication to quality craftsmanship and integrity has become the cornerstone of Landreth Construction’s reputation. Beyond the realm of construction, the Landreths find profound joy in their family life. The couple is blessed with three young children who are not only the lights of their lives but also the driving force behind their endeavors. For Paul and Regan, family is at the center of everything they do, alongside their unwavering faith in God. This strong foundation extends beyond their personal lives and permeates every aspect of Landreth Construction.

The Landreths have three young children who are the lights of their lives and, aside from God and each other, are at the center of all that they do.  They enjoy being involved in and volunteering in many capacities in this community.

Community engagement holds a special place in the Landreth family’s heart. They actively participate in various capacities, generously giving their time and efforts to volunteer initiatives. Their commitment to making a positive impact in the community mirrors their dedication to building structures that stand the test of time. In essence, Landreth Construction is more than just a construction company; it’s a family legacy built on expertise, integrity, and a heartfelt commitment to both quality craftsmanship and community enrichment.